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003 Dr. Daniels’ Glass Front Wooden Display Cabinet

This early cabinet, c1890, is thought to be the first style of cabinet that Dr. Daniels’ produced.  It has a curved wooden pediment with original black stenciling.  The stencil on the pediment reads: DR. DANIELS / WARRANTED.  The door panels originally were stenciled with: VETERINARY / MEDICINES  but, this stencil has been lost.  The cabinet was painted white and all, but the front door and pediment retain this paint.  The stencil on the pediment is weak but legible.  A porcelain knob has been attached to the door in place of the original lock and key.  28” x 16 ½”x 5”.  An inexpensive Dr. Daniels’ cabinet in which to display your collection in an original setting.