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004 Dr. Daniels’ Tin Front Display Cabinet

Wooden display cabinet that would have been used to sell their remedies in country stores, stables, and blacksmith shops c1900.  Dr. Daniels’ face and illustrations of all his medicines are on the top portion of the tin front, while a list of his medicines and their prices are on the bottom portion.  This is identified as the second variant tin front as this style has the medicines Physic Ball and Witch Hazel at the bottom.  An earlier style is missing these medicines and a later style has no medicines listed at all.  29”x 21”x 8”.  This cabinet retains its original finish but is missing the original key and there is damage to the cabinet’s right upper edge where a piece of molding has been cut out.  This was probably done by the original store owner to fit the cabinet into a tight space.  The tin front is in good condition with overall scattered oxidation spots, mostly along the right edge.  The colors are bright and Dr. Daniels’ face displays well.  The back panel has been replaced but I do not think this affects the value.  Let’s estimate this cabinet in the $750-1250 range.