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006 Dr. Daniels’ Original Artwork and Printer’s Proof for His Catnip Ball including an Original Box with Contents

Artwork printed on cardboard showing the four different sides for the Catnip Ball box, including the top and bottom panels. The size is 11 ¾”x 11 ¾”.  Currently in a black frame with a consigner added sticker to the glass.  Included is a Catnip Ball Box with original wooden ball, a bag of catnip, and a folded paper insert from the Dr. Daniels’ Company.  The end panel of the artwork has the National Pet Supply Company at 176 Milk Street, Boston and a patent date of March 26, 1907.  The Dr. Daniels’ Company was located at 172 Milk Street, right next door.  The Catnip Box has Dr. Daniels’ name and address along with the exact same patent date on the end panel.  I’m not sure whether Dr. Daniels’ owned the pet supply company next door or bought the rights to the Catnip Ball at a slightly later time.  You can see the original grease pencil notations on the artwork, but it is bright and displays wonderfully. The catnip box is in excellent original condition.  THIS AND THE PREVIOUS ITEM WERE PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM A RELATIVE OF A PREVIOUS OWNER OF THE DR. DANIELS’ COMPANY.  It has been over twenty years since any original art has been available from the Dr. Daniels’ Company and NOTHING OF THE QUALITY AND DESIRABILITY OF THIS.  Impossible to estimate a value for this unique advertising item.  Sold for your high bid.  Please see additional photos on the website and call if you have any questions about these consignment pieces.