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007 Dr. Daniels’, “Snowbound” Poster

Advertising poster depicting an elderly couple trapped in their “Snowbound” home.  The Mister is holding a bottle of Dr. Daniels’ Oster-Cocus Liniment while his wife is reading the directions from a Dr. Daniels’ booklet.  The meaning, I would presume, would be that since he can’t seek Human medical help, he can rely on Dr. Daniels’ Liniment to fix his aches and pains.  There is a framed image of Dr. Daniels’ on the couple’s wall.  In addition, a framed sign of the Dr. Daniels’ “snickering horse” can be seen on the back wall.  A box of Dr. Daniels’ Renovator Powders sits on the window seat that may be his next treatment.  The poster is dated 1906 and is in excellent condition with just a ½” tear at the top edge.  Framed in an old frame with archival plexiglass to protect the colors. You will not be disappointed with this one.