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01 Buckeye Stock Food Banner

Fantastic hanging banner printed on fabric and retaining the original top and bottom metal bars along with the original metal hanging ring.  18”x 12”.  Made for the Buckeye Company of Lorain, Ohio by the Meek and Beach Company of Coshocton, Ohio.  We can accurately date this banner from 1901-1905 because the Meek and Beach Company was founded in 1901 and changed their name in 1905.  A magnificent black horse is the centerpiece of this outstanding banner.  The colors literally jump out at you.  Condition overall is excellent with just some very minor wear, a couple of light creases in the fabric and one short area on the right of the top metal band where the fabric has become detached.  Nothing that would detract or be of a concern.  The consigner purchased this Buckeye Stock Food piece in 2007 from a Morford Advertising auction, paying a hefty piece at the time.  In order to bring this offering to you, I had to promise the consigner that he would at least re-coop most of his investment, if not make money.  To this end, we will open the bidding at $2000 with an additional reserve.  If the bidding does not meet the reserve, the high bidder will have the option of negotiating for its purchase.  If the reserve is met, I will inform any current bidders that the item will sell.