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01 Dr. A. C. Daniels’ “Three White Horses” Animal Medicines Tin Front Display Cabinet

We are starting this auction off with one of, arguably, the most desirable veterinary cabinet tins ever produced.  The central image is a copy of a famous painting by

J. F. Herring named Pharaoh’s Horses.  Here is bit of the painting’s history.  “Pharaoh’s Horses” by J.F. Herring, was first exhibited in 1848. It is a three head study of the grey Arabian stallion, Imaum, originally owned by Queen Victoria. She presented Imaum to her Clerk of the Royal Stables, who sold him to Tattersall’s and was purchased by the artist   J. F. Herring. He used Imaum as a model for many of his paintings, Herring kept him his whole life.”  

The tin is in excellent condition overall, especially the central image. There are nail holes in the four corners and the top middle of the tin.  This hardly distracts from the excellent condition of the tin overall.  The tin was purchased by the consigner as a loose tin.  No cabinet.  This tin was most likely nailed to the interior of a country store, as it is obvious that it was never exposed to the weather in an outside situation.  The consigner commissioned a cabinet maker to produce a cabinet in the manner of an original Dr. Daniels’ cabinet.  He did an amazing job with the style and finish for that old original country store look.  29”x 22”x 18”.  So, the bottom line is this is an original tin panel in a contemporary cabinet made to fit nicely with your other old cabinets.  As I have said in the past, when you are buying a veterinary cabinet, especially a rare one, you are really buying the tin and its graphic design.  It would have been nice to have an original cabinet, but I think the quality of this tin can stand alone. While original cabinets have sold in the past for over $7000, I do not expect the lack of an original cabinet to significantly decrease the final price.  Please contact me for any additional information or photos.