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018 Humphreys’ Veterinary Remedies “Barnyard Scene” Display Cabinet

Tin front, wooden cabinet from the Humphreys’ Homeopathic Medicine Company of New York.  28”x 22”x 9”.  Cabinet opens from the front or back with hook and eye closures.  This is one of most desirable veterinary cabinets because of the animal scene.  Twenty-six animals are illustrated including a queen and three kittens, three rabbits with a carrot, and a trusty watch dog.  “FOR EVERY LIVING THING ON THE FARM.”  Typically, this style cabinet suffers from extensive flaking of the paint.  Why the paint did not adhere to the metal on these cabinets is unknown, but most examples are either flaked are heavily restored.  This example does have some VERY minor professional restoration but does not suffer from general paint flaking.  The restoration is limited to some of the background white mostly around the outer edges.  The red, in the lettering “UM” of Humphreys’, at the top has been touched up as is the word Humphreys in the bottom line of print.  All of the other lettering appears to be original when examined by a black light.  THE BARNYARD SCENE ITSELF has very minor touchups to a few animals including one pig, one horse, and a couple of rabbits.  The professional restoration was done expertly and without the assistance of a black light, you would be very hard pressed to find it.  This cabinet display’s as one of the finest we have ever seen.  While restoration does somewhat effect value, 95% is original and the restoration is mostly limited to non-offensive background areas.  We estimate this scarce and desirable cabinet at $3000-4000+.  You will not be disappointed with this purchase. If you have any questions about the restoration or need additional photos, please contact me PRIOR to the last day of bidding.