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019 Humphreys Veterinary Specifics Embossed Horse Display Cabinet

Original wooden cabinet c1900 from the Humphreys’ Homeopathic Medicine Company of New York.  The cabinet is 21”x 28”x 9”.  This style cabinet opens from the front and has its original hook and eye closure.  The front panel is made from a composite paper material.  It was pressed into a mold, under pressure, to produce the raised image of the horse and the wording seen on the panel.  The background of the panel was painted black with red applied to the top of the lettering.  The original red on the letters survives with authentic wear and no touchups.  The front panel is in excellent condition.  It is very hard to find one of these cabinets that retains ANY original paint.  A very nice example overall.  The opening bid here is $1000 with no further reserve.  We noted that the photograph in the catalog appears to show the bottom right edge cut off, this is just an artifact of the angle of the photo.