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02 Dr. C. N. Barber’s Veterinary Remedies Display Cabinet

Metal cabinet  with the front panel hinged at the bottom to drop down and expose the interior supply area.  The right side panel lists the horse medicines the company produced while the left side lists the cattle medicines.  Dr. Barber was from Barre, Vermont.  16”x 14”x 9 ½”.  There is a paper list of new prices glued on the right side of the front panel.  The lock is broken and the key will not work.  The consigner placed some putty, on the right side, between the door and the wall to keep the door closed.  The cabinet shows just some authentic age and a small amount of wear to the white background.  Front could use a little cleaning, but condition is very good.  There are a lot of Dr. Barber’s medicines in this auction and they would sure look good displayed with this cabinet.  Estimate it at $800-1500.