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029 Dr. Lesure’s Veterinary Medicine Tin Front Display Cabinet

Tin front, wooden display cabinet for: DR. LESURE’S FAMOUS REMEDIES from Keene, New Hampshire.  27”x 21”x 6 ½”.  Wooden cabinet has the original lock but no key.  The front panel has the iconic image of a horse sticking his head out of the round, stone window.  The red lettering on the front panel has faded with age somewhat but the horse and stonework image is in excellent condition.  It appears that the cabinet was painted white at some point. Then the white paint was removed WITHOUT removing the tin door panel first.  There is some paint loss along the edges of the panel where the paint solvent damaged the paint.  Again, the horse illustration is undamaged.  A very desirable veterinary cabinet with a few flaws.  With similar example cabinets selling in the $5000-6000 range, this should be an affordable example for any collector.  Sold without reserve.