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#03 Dr. Bugbee’s Veterinary Medicine Display Cabinet

Glass front, wooden display cabinet for veterinary medicines sold by Dr. C. P. Bugbee, V. S. of Keene, New Hampshire. Door is branded and painted:DR BUGBEE  V.S. / KEENE, N.H. // WARRANTED // VETERINARY  // MEDICINES. 26”x 19”x 6 ½”. Cabinet is in original condition retaining the lock and key. Dr. Bugbee was located in the same town as Dr. J. G. Lesure. This is one of only two display cabinets I have ever recorded from Dr. Bugbee. Over the years, this consigner was able to collect several medicines and paper ephemera related to Dr. Bugbee. Those items are also available in Paper and Medicine sections of this auction.