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034 Tribute To A Dog

Advertising poster by the Remington Arms Company using a painting by artist Lynn Bogue Hunt as a backdrop to display ‘Tribute To a dog.”  This was part of a famous court argument in an 1870 Missouri court case about the shooting of a dog.  The poster is 16 ½”x 23 ½” image size and is currently framed and matted.  An older hunter sits with his shotgun in his lap surrounded by his dogs and puppies.  A case of Remington shotgun shells can be seen over his shoulder. The poster appears to be undamaged, but I have not examined it out of the frame.  I have done some research and this poster is the correct size for an original 1929 advertisement.  This would have originally had hanging metal bars at the top and bottom that may have been removed when framed. I believe this to be an original advertisement and not a reproduction, but make NO guarantees of its originality.  It is sold as is with no returns on this one.