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04 Dr. Clayton’s Dog Remedies Glass Front Display Cabinet

Wooden cabinet with stenciled, frosted lettering applied to the inside of the glass advertising Dr. George Clayton’s Dog Medicines of Chicago.  29 ¾”x 22 ½”x 6 ½”.  It has a hook and eye door closure on the left side.  VCR sold this cabinet to the consigner in 2010.  The history I had from the original consigner was that the cabinet was purchased directly from a collector who had purchased it from Hart’s Drug Store in Blue Island, Illinois.  John Hart was a pharmacist and mayor of Blue Island from the 1930’s into the 1960’s and the Hart Pharmacy building is still a landmark in Blue Island today.  Blue Island is on the South side of Chicago, so it makes since that a Dr. clayton cabinet would end up there for selling his dog medicines.  I have seen one other identical cabinet in an Ohio collection.  The cabinet is old and has been refinished.  It looks like Golden Oak wood and is quite heavy.  The lettering IS NOT etched into the glass and there is a scratch across the “ON” in Clayton which would not happen with etched glass.

FULL DISCLAIMER:  Since I originally sold this cabinet, many modern fantasy veterinary cabinets have come on the market with etched, laser printed advertising on the glass.  Most come in trinket or nick kack cabinets or old curved glass country store display cabinets.  Because of these fantasy cabinets, any printed glass front cabinet has become suspect, not just veterinary cabinets.  I believe this cabinet to be right, but do not have the expertise to prove it.  I think it would take an old photograph of it sitting in Hart’s Drugstore to actually prove it.  The original story seemed believable, the location in Blue Island and era pan out.  If nothing else, it is a very nice display cabinet and a fantastic way to showcase your dog medicines.  If nothing else, I try to give you an honest description.  If you have any additional information about this cabinet or additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me.