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#05 Baum’s Horse & Stock Food Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed, wooden shipping crate with super colorful paper labels on all four sides. This crate. Which once held 10 pounds of food is from the Baum’s Castorine Company of Syracuse, New York. The labels on the two long sides show Horse & Stock Food, while the labels on the end panels proclaim that the Food in this crate is Baum’s Horse Tonic and is especially prepared for HORSES ONLY. I have seen crates for Baum’s Horse Tonic, but I can’t recall an example such as this with both types of labels. 11 ½”x 5 ¾”x 7 ½”. All the labels are in excellent, colorful condition. There is some minor paper loss to the top edge of the side panel not shown. Without a doubt, these are the most colorful veterinary shipping crates known.