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06 Brown Healer Cabinet

Extremely rare glass front veterinary display cabinet for Brown’s Horse Healer from the Boulevard Electric Treatment Company of East Barnet, Vermont.  Cabinet has a very fancy pediment that is stenciled with a RUNNING HORSE and BROWN’S HORSE HEALER.  The door has been stenciled:  CURES / GALLS, CUTS, SCRATCHES, MUD FEVER, / THRUSH AND ALL SORES, ALSO REMOVES PROUD FLESH / MAN OR BEAST.  The cabinet has one interior shelf and a hook and eye closure on the left side.  22”x 10”x 5” including pediment.  Included with this lot is a labeled bottle for Brown’s Horse Healer, plus there are two other medicines, a tin and another bottle, listed in the patent medicine section of this catalog.  Condition:  At some point it its life this cabinet was painted yellow and the pediment was detached, reversed and reattached to the cabinet.  There is yellow paint on the reverse of the pediment and on the bottom edge.  The stenciled side of the pediment (the front) was never altered and retains the original alligatored finish.  The front door was later gently scraped of the yellow paint to uncover the original stenciling.  There are still specks of this yellow paint on the door frame.  The yellow paint still exists on the sides and top of the cabinet.  When the cabinet was scraped, the pediment was replaced in its original configuration with some glue and a nail inside the cabinet.  When I received the cabinet for consignment, the nail was holding up the pediment.  The pediment is UNDAMAGED and just needs to be re-glued to the top.  Not being a wood worker or very handy, I have not attempted any repairs.  The cabinet displays just fine as is and you would never know the pediment was not glued down without close inspection.  I have seen one other Brown’s Horse Healer cabinet in a collection and I have been told of another, so this is possibly the third example overall and the first and only example I have ever recorded.  PLUS:  I had never recorded any medicine from this company, while the consigner over the years had found the three examples that are offered today.  If you have ANY questions about this delightfully small and dainty cabinet, please contact me before the last day of bidding.  Because of its rarity, I would estimate this at $1200-2000. Open at $500.