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#06 Dr. Claris’ Kronkine One Gallon Stoneware Ju

Extremely rare and desirable jug from the Dr. Claris Veterinary Hospital in JERSEY CITY , NEW JERSEY. Jug reads:  KRONKINE / FOR THE TREATMENT OF ALL / FEVERS AND INFLAMMATORY / DISEASES OF HORSES / PREPARED BY / DR. CLARIS VETERINARY HOSPITAL / JERSEY CITY, N. J. Dr. Claris was established in Buffalo, New York. 99+% of items, both advertising, paper, and medicines pertaining to him are from his Buffalo Hospital. A few years ago, we offered a similar jug, that was the first recorded item with his New Jersey address and it blew up the auction, finishing with a totally unexpected high bid of $3500. Stoneware jugs for Dr. Claris’ medicines from Buffalo show up from time to time and are quite varied with examples for Kronkine, White Liniment, and Clarisol being sold previously. These Buffalo jugs usually sell in the $300-600 range. This second Kronkine, New Jersey example is in excellent, undamaged condition. While we would not expect (we can hope for) a similar bidding war as for the first Kronkine example, we would expect a final bid in the range of $1000 and up.