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07 Claris Cabinet

Wooden, glass front country store cabinet from Dr. John Claris of Buffalo, New York.  Dr. Claris medicines are some the most highly sought by collectors due to their beautiful graphic labels.  This cabinet is perfect for displaying your Dr. Claris medicines or any other items from your collection.          28”x 20”x 8”.  The facing of the front door has had the lettering carved into the wood.  This reads: DR CLARIS / VETERINARY / MEDICINES / BUFFALO, NY.  The cabinet is original, but it has issues.  It is missing the original pediment, lock and key, and the wooden knob has been added.  Many stores did remove cabinet pediments so the top of the cabinet could be used as display space for signs and other items.  The original surface has been stripped and the wood is in need of several coats of wood revitalizer. With a little love, the look of this cabinet would be greatly enhanced.  Excellent condition examples of Dr. Claris’ cabinets have consistently sold in the $1200-1400 range.  This example will sell to your high bid