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07 Dr. Daniels’ Cardboard Insert “Three White Horses” Wooden Display Cabinet

A true veterinary collectible rarity.  The door insert is a very heavy cardboard and not metal.  Speculation suggests that this cabinet was produced during the First World War (c1916) when metal was in short supply due to the war effort.  It is also thought that this was the LAST style cabinet produced by the Daniels’ Company and was preceded by the metal Three White Horses version.  While I have found no evidence to confirm this speculation, it makes since from a historical and rarity perspective.  The front panel is printed:  DR. DANIELS’ / WARRANTED VETERINARY MEDICINES / HOME TREATMENT FOR / HORSES AND CATTLE / SHEEP AND SWINE / DOGS, CATS AND POULTRY / DR. DANIELS’ BOOKS FREE.  In the center of the panel is an applied, lithographic image of the famous painting, “Pharaoh’s Horses” and what we commonly call the three white horses.  27”x 18 ¼”x 7 ½”.  Cabinet has the original finish, a hook and eye closure on the right side, but is missing the entire back panel.  The front panel has a few tiny marks in the background and a few spots in the horse illustration.  In general, I would call this excellent condition and who really cares that the back panel is missing.  As too rarity, this is the third example to ever come to light and pass through our auctions.  Many collectors and long established country store dealers have never even heard of this cabinet.  I have never seen any illustration of it in any book or article.  I sold my first example in a 1996 auction where it brough what might have been a world record at the time, $7200 + 10%.  The second example sold twelve years later in 2008 for $4100 plus the buyer’s fee.  Those two cabinets are still firmly entrenched in collections.  Now 13 years later, a third example is offered.  Currently, I know of no other examples.  Sold without reserve, but I would expect a final bid in the $3000-6000 range.  Don’t wait 12 more years for another example to come to light.  Note:  While I was writing this description, it dawned on me that the addition of “Cats” on the front panel might bolster the evidence for the cabinets production timetable.  Usually Dr. Daniels’ advertising states, “FOR HORSES AND DOGS” and cats was added much later.