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#09 Dr. Daniels’ Smaltz Painted Wooden Sign

Outstanding dealer sign for Dr. Daniels’ Warranted Veterinary Medicines.  This would have hung outside a country store, blacksmith shop, or drug store that sold his medicines.  The sign has a dark blue, smaltz background with white lettering.  Smaltz is the use of a textured paint which has sand or ground glass added to help the paint resist the weather, as most signs of this type hung outside.  30”x 13”.  Scarce variation in the lettering of this sign with the curving of the “Veterinary Medicines” letters.  I cannot recall selling an example of this style previously.  The condition is fantastic with just the slightest hint of wear.  This sign did not hang outside for long, if at all.  Easily the best Dr. Daniels’ smaltz sign we have ever sold.  Estimate is $1500-2500 with a $500 start, just to get the ball rolling.