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09 Pulsifer’s Veterinary Medicine Wooden Display Cabinet

This is a glass front, wooden cabinet with a curved pediment.  The pediment has had the name, “PULSIFER’S / VETERINARY MEDICINES / WARRANTED” stenciled on it.    It has the original lock but no key.  28”x 12”x 7 ½”.  The pediment is intact and original.  It was attached to the top with glue and two wood “glue blocks” to support the pediment from the rear.  The cabinet was painted white at some point in its life.  Its small size probably got it repurposed as a bathroom cabinet, thus the white paint.  Whoever saved this cabinet and cleaned away the white paint was able to save the stenciling on the pediment.  Tiny bits of paint can still be seen in various places on the cabinet.  Pulsifer’s was from Boston and as a competitor of Dr. Daniels’ apparently did not last long as a producer of veterinary medicines.  We have sold a few other Pulsifer’s cabinets over the years and have recorded about a dozen of their various medicines in over 20 years.  Its small size and great curved pediment have always made it attractive to collectors.  Please feel free to ask any additional questions about this scarce cabinet.  Opening at $500.