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10 Watkins Veterinary Display Cabinet

All original painted wooden cabinet designed to hold Watkin’s Veterinary Remedies. 31”x 17”x 8”. Original blue paint on the cabinet has appropriate wear. Cabinet has two interior shelves and the original lock, but no key. Back panel is also original. Print on the door reads: WATKINS VETERINARY CABINET. It is stenciled in black “sand” paint. This is paint that has had sand ground glass added to it to give texture and hold up better with age. It gives a rough feel to the lettering. Condition is excellent overall. I have seen a couple of later, metal veterinary cabinets from this company, but I have never seen another early painted example such as this. The wonderful blue paint would lend much crossover appeal to the home decorators of country style. They love their painted furniture. For the veterinary collector, this is currently a unique example of a veterinary patent medicine display cabinet in outstanding, original condition