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#14 Dr. Daniels’ “Snowbound” Calendar Dated 1908

Very scarce in this original calendar form, this lithograph has the original metal hanging rods at the top and bottom along with the original calendar pad from 1908. 20”x 15”. Made expressly for Dr. Daniels’ and illustrating an elderly couple that are snowbound in their home and looking to use Dr. Daniels’ Oster Cocus Liniment to soothe some of the old man’s aches and pains. A portrait of Dr. Daniels’ hangs on the distant wall. Great color still exists on this 113 year old lithograph. There is some minor tears in the white border and a one inch tear at the right edge into the image. The calendar pad is not complete but shows the month of October 1908. Several examples of this that NEVER had the original calendar or metal rims have been sold over the years. I have only seen a couple of complete examples, such as this that have survived. Super Dr. Daniels’ advertising .