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15 Dr. Daniels' Medicated Dog and Puppy Bread Calendar

Just when I convinced you I was offering the Best Ever Daniels’ window card, now I’m offering perhaps the most desirable Dr. Daniels’ calendar.  Desirable to at least every dog lover.  I have seen this calendar in the consigner’s collection for at least 25 years and finally have the opportunity to bring it to you for sale.  This calendar has a 1913 pad.  It has the original metal hanging strips at the top and bottom and is currently shrink-wrapped.  There are some minor unobtrusive creases, not folds, a few fly specks and the calendar pad is showing August 1913.  The image of a young girl in a huge red hat is holding out a Dr. Daniels’ Dog Bread biscuit for the Cocker Spaniel while the wily terrier is going for the entire Dog Bread box behind her back.  20 ½”x 14”.  Great color and illustration, especially for the dog lover.  To my current knowledge, this is a unique offering.  This one does not need any hype, it speaks for itself.  My estimate is $1000-$2000+.  Open it at $500 with no further reserve.