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15 International Stock Food Poster #2, “Dandy Pig”

 This is the medium size ISF poster #2 that is framed and triple matted with an image size of 15”x 20”.  ISF prevents Hog Cholera in your hogs.  The red color background is as brilliant as the day it rolled on the press.  There is no edge damage or tears seen. The only problem that keeps this from being a mint example looks to be an original printing error.  In the bottom left corner, to the left of the bucket, green ink which was used to darken the red background and produce a “Shadow” behind Dandy has spread over onto the yellow edge.  This is original, not damage and does not really distract from the great image and color.  Two previous examples have each sold for over $1000.  The consigner has requested a $500 opening bid with no further reserve.  You won’t be disappointed.