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16 Dr Daniels' Tin Front Display Cabinet

I have always called this the first variation of Dr. Daniels’ tin front cabinets.  It has two distinctive features, first the wooden cabinet has a carved vine-like feature down the side panels and second, the medicines listed at the bottom of the front panel lack Physic Balls and Witch Hazel that are listed on the second variant cabinets.  The colors on the front panel of this cabinet are as bright as any example I have seen in many years.  The red color, which is often faded, just pops off the panel.  There are scattered paint chips on the tin’s corners and in Dr. Daniels’ mustache. The cabinet has had a wooden knob added to the door, probably when the key to the lock was lost.  Also, the interior of the cabinet has the original stencil on the back wall proclaiming ownership by Dr. Daniels and not for use for displaying any other company’s medicines.  21”x 6 ½”x 26 ½”.  The overall POP of the color and shine really makes this cabinet display exceedingly well.  The last first variant cabinet we sold in comparable condition was in 2014 and brought $2900.  Open at $1000.