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17 Dr. Daniels' San Painted Wooden Sign

Classic, all-original wooden sign advertising Dr. Daniels’ Veterinary Medicines of Boston.  These signs hung outside stores to bring in customers for his horse and dog remedies.  We call these “sand painted” because sand or ground glass was added to the paint to help the sign endure the weather.  The blue lettering and background have a gritty, sandpaper feel to it, while the white lettering and background does not.  The sign and frame are all original.  This example is much larger than most Dr. Daniels’ signs of this type as it stands an impressive 48”x 32”. It is also unusual as it has additional advertising for another product on the sign.  In this case it is advertising for Goodnow Harness Oil.  The C. F. Goodnow Company of Philadelphia was the largest distributor of Dr. Daniels’ medicines in the country.  There remains a partial shipping label on the back of this sign stating that the sign was shipped from C. F. Goodnow to M. L. Ruggles of Alderson, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  This is an area encompassing Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, and Dallas, Pennsylvania.  Mr. Ruggles had his store in Alderson and lived in Pike’s Creek, neither exist today as communities.  Mr. Ruggles was also the treasurer of the Lake & Lehman Telephone Company in 1904.  This sign has AUTHENTIC wear as you would expect from something that hung outside for years but is still bright, well put together, and displays extremely well. The makers of the sign were the Cross Paint and Sign Company of Chicago who signed their name in the lower right corner. Overall, a solid, original example of a very desirable Dr. Daniels’ sign.  It is seldom that an artifact, such as this comes with so much original history so that it can be traced from its origin to its destination.  Note: in addition, the consigner found a real photo post card that shows a Dr. Daniels’ sign, just like this one, hanging on the side of a building. The card is unused, so we don’t have a town or date for it.  I estimate it at $1500-2500. Open at $500.