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18 Dr. Daniels' Veterinary Medicine Tip Tray

Lithographed metal tray with a scalloped edge.  Trays such as this were placed in bars and restaurants for the patrons to leave a monetary tip for their server.  Dr. Daniels’ used this form of advertising to promote his Veterinary Medicines.  The image in the center is commonly called “the three white horses,” but is a copy of a famous painting by James Herring Sr. named “Pharaoh’s Horses.” It was painted in 1848.  4 ½” diameter.  The condition of this tray is near mint with a condition score of 9+ out of 10.  It is clean and bright.  It has the tiniest marks at the “D” in Daniels’ and the “AR” in Veterinary.  The central image is, I hesitate to say, perfect.  Certainly, this is the finest example I have ever sold.  Excellent examples have sold, in the past, in the $300-600 range.  WE will start the bidding at $100 and let you determine the final price.  This is a classic, iconic Dr. Daniels’ veterinary give-away item that can not be improved.