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#18 Humphreys’ Veterinary Specifics ORIGINAL, Framed Embossed Horse Sign

This is an original, company framed horse head sign that was sent to some store owners as an advertisement c1900. This is an original Humphreys’ frame with no evidence of any hinge holes, so it was NEVER ever used as a cabinet front. The raised 3-D image of the horse head still retains traces of the original silver paint on the mane and around the eye. The original red paint on the lettering is as complete and bright as I have ever seen on any Humphreys’ cabinet. There are two age cracks in the background inside the circle. One is to the left of the horse’s nose and the other above his ear. These are common in these panels as they were susceptible to extreme temperature changes over the years. It is little known among collectors that Humphreys sent out these panels as framed pieces. One famous example surfaced many years ago, still in its original wooden packing crate, direct from the Humphreys’ Homeopathic Medicine Company of New York. That sign reportedly sold for a five figure price and is still in a very closely held collection. Several years ago, I was able to visit that collection and view that amazing survivor in its original condition and crate. I would estimate this example, today at $2000-3500 and start the bidding at $500.