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21 Kendall’s Spavin Cure Poster

Very early c1870-80 lithographic poster and what is speculated to be the first poster produced by the Dr. B. J. Kendall Company of Enosburgh Falls, Vermont.  The lady and her daughter’s clothes are typical of this era.  There is a lot happening in this poster.  The daughter is giving an apple to the horse while petting the black dog, her son, in the sailor suit is opening a case of Kendall’s Spavin Cure and holding up a bottle.  The African American Mammy, on the left seems disturbed that the baby has been placed on the horse.  Grandma is looking out the window with another child, just checking out the action.  20”x 23 ½” image size.  Currently in a nice wooden frame.  The poster appears to be undamaged as seen, however it originally had a printed caption, at the bottom, that described the uses for the Spavin Cure.  This has been removed.  This is the first example of this poster that I have ever recorded selling.  I have seen a couple of examples in collections, but it is extremely rare.  Condition on this example is probably close to the best I have seen.  We sold another rare Kendall poster in our last auction for $3100, if this example was complete, I’d estimate it about the same.  Does missing the bottom, non-graphic part decreases the value?  Your final bid will determine that.