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23 Fuller Pharmacy Horse and Cattle Metal Sign

Painted metal sign of the type put up on the outskirts of town describing services available in the town.  This is by the Fuller Pharmacy was from Bellows Falls & E. Chester, Vermont.  36”x 12”.  The folky image of a horse head is the big draw with this sign.  As this type of sign was nailed to fences, barns and trees along the road, they were not meant to survive.  As such, this sign c1920-30 has what we call authentic wear.  It has nail holes, a couple of small caliber bullet holes and rust loss to the right lower corner.  This is just the type of folky sign that has cross-over appeal to a lot of collecting groups.  The consigner purchased this from our VCR Auction in 1999 for $250 and has enjoyed it hanging in his collection since that time.  With today’s collecting interested geared toward this sign, I expect he will realize a profit.