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25 Gombault's Caustic Balsam Sign

Lithographed paper sign using the image of famous race horse, “John R. Gentry” to advertise Gombault’s Caustic Balsam.  Positioned to the left of the horse is an image of the Gombault label used as a horse blanket hanging on the fence.  This sign is currently framed and double matted.  The overall size is 19”x 16”.  The only damage seen is a short tear up from the bottom and ending beside the “C” in Caustic.  The image is otherwise clean and bright.  It’s ready to go on the wall.  Gombault’s Caustic Balsam was produced as a horse Blister and Counter-Irritant by the Lawrence Company of Cleveland, Ohio for almost a 100 years. As a historical note, “John Gentry” was foaled in Wichita, Kansas in 1889.  His nickname was “The Little Red Horse.”  He set the paced mile record for a Standardbred of 2:00 ½ in 1896 in South Portland, Maine.  He was elected to the Harness Racing Hall of Fame in 1955.