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25 Labaree’s Veterinary Medicines Glass Front Display Cabinet

Wooden, glass front display cabinet from the Labaree Veterinary Medicine Company of Bellows Falls, Vermont.  15”x 14”x 6 ½”.  Cabinet has original lettering on the door frame, “WARRANTED” is painted on the glass of the door, and it retains the original wood, bead molding which hold the glass in the door.  The finish is original and it has the original lock.  It is missing the lock escutcheon on the front of the door and the key.  Someone added an interior shelf at some point to increase the available display space inside.  It has “authentic” wear over its last 100+ years of life and it quite striking.   I have recorded four previous examples of glass front cabinets from this company.  The last was in 2010 in a McMurray Drug Store Auction where a similar example, retaining the original “Warranted” painted on the glass sold for $3250.  Items from this company, advertising and medicines, are extremely scarce and we are fortunate to be able to offer this cabinet and a small collection of medicines in our medicine section.  This cabinet has a great small size that fits anywhere and is perfect for displaying medicines from your collection.  Based on previous sales you would expect a final bid of $1500-3000 for this rare cabinet.  Glass front cabinets are experiencing a resurgence lately so start the bidding at $750 and don’t forget to bid on the Labaree Medicines.