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27 Humphreys' Barnyard Cabinet

Country store wooden cabinet with a lithographed tin front panel from the Humphreys’ Homeopathic Medicine Company of New York.  The top image shows all the various livestock that you would expect to find on a farm, and is the reason this cabinet is commonly called, “THE BARNYARD SCENE.”  The really sweet part of the scene, that most people miss, is the Queen and her three kittens, placed just below the dog and horse images.  29”x 20 ½”x 6 ½”.  This style cabinet USUALLY, suffers from flaking and paint loss.  This cabinet is no exception as you can see.  The animal scene is primarily intact with good color.  The majority of the flaking is in the sky above the animals.  The red lettering in the name is surprisingly clean, bright, and devoid of flaking.  Overall, the lettering on the entire panel is intact and the flaking is almost entirely on the background.  The panel does have a few scrapes.  The wooden cabinet is a Humphreys Homeopathic cabinet, but I suspect it was originally made for Humphreys’ Human products.  It is NOT the Humphreys cabinet I would expect to see with this tin.  Most likely, this is a marriage between a Veterinary tin and a Human style Humphreys’cabinet.  The condition issues will make this cabinet available to the budget minded collector.  It is a desirable tin and does display well as is.  Your high bid gives this cabinet a new home.