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#28 Dr. Lesure’s Veterinary Medicine Display Cabinet

Tin front, wooden display cabinet for: DR. LESURE’S FAMOUS REMEDIES from Keene, New Hampshire. 27”x 21”x 6 ½”. Wooden cabinet is in original condition including the lock and key. The front panel has the iconic image of a horse sticking his head out of the round, stone window.The front panel displays as in near mint condition. However, on VERY close inspection and with the use of a black light, you can see that there has been some minor professional restoration to some of the letters, a portion of the black background, and the chin of the horse. This restoration was brilliantly done by a master of restoration. Even on close inspection, I believed the panel to be in near mint condition when first received for consignment. It was ONLY with the use of the black light was I able to detect the conservation. Please contact me with any questions about this great cabinet. A wonderful example that would be hard to improve upon.