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28 Humphreys' Stable Case

Wooden box with paper label inside the lid which describes all of the different Humphreys’ Veterinary Remedies that would have filled this stable case.  Case has two hook and eye closures on the front.  It does have the original lock and key.  Original finish on the box is still in good shape. It has the original engraved name plaque but is missing the top handle.  The paper label has general toning.  Box is 9 ½”x 6”x 6”.  Lot also includes six Humphreys’ Remedies.  You get two (2) A. A. for Convulsions; F. F. for Colic; (2) H. H. for Kidney Disease and I. I. for Eruptions of the Skin.  All the bottles are embossed with the horse head.  Labels vary from good to poor.