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28) International Stock Food Company’s Honey Tar Foot Remedy Poster

Beautiful, full size poster with the graphic illustration of the “Evil Farrier” cutting the poor white horse’s leg in an attempt to cure some ailment.  The look of horror on the horse’s face tells the story.  As the poster suggests, any ailment of the horse’s leg could be easily cured by using Honey Tar Foot Remedy.  Images of the Honey Tar tin are in the four corners.  The border is a composite of 44 different horseshoes used by farriers. Great color and graphics make this one of the best ISF medicine related posters.  Triple matted and framed.  Probably a $500+ frame job in my experience.  After very close examination, in the frame, the poster looks to be undamaged.  Image size is 18 ½”x 25”.  Total size is 27”x 33 ½”.  Shipping, as is, could be an issue.  Prefer pick up or personal delivery if possible.