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29 Dr. Lesure’s Veterinary Remedies Tin Front Wooden Display Cabinet

Wooden cabinet with lithographed metal front panel from Dr. J. G. Lesure of Keene, New Hampshire.  This cabinet with the graphic and very life like horse head poking out from a stone “porthole” is always highly sought and desirable.  28”x 22”x 7”.  The lettering and horse head are embossed (raised up) from the flat panel.  The horse image is in excellent condition with no damage to the paint.  The red on the letters has faded a bit.  The problem here is this is NOT the original cabinet that this tin came in.  This appears to be a country store DYE cabinet.  One from which clothing dye was sold.  It is a marriage of the Dr. Lesure tin with an old cabinet.  I have recorded examples of this cabinet selling from $2900-$5700 over the last 22 years.  This cabinet is not for the purest, but for the collector who has always wanted one of these great Dr. Lesure cabinets but is on a budget.  The consigner says it has to go. So there is no reserve and it will sell to the high bidder.