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29 International Stock Food Poster 9 Pheno-Chloro

Large style poster that is currently very nicely framed.  The image size is 28”x 21”.  The central image is a giant can of Pheno-Chloro, a disinfectant, antiseptic, and germicide produced by the company.  The poster is surrounded by 24 illustrated and identified pests to animals.  The corners purport to show germs and microbes that the product also kills including Cholera and Diphtheria.  THE SURE GERM DISTROYER.  The condition overall is great, just a couple of minor edge tears, small stains, and some fly specks.  Colors are outstanding, crisp and bright.  I had an example of this poster hanging in my waiting room for over 25 years, waiting for someone to complain about the bugs, but it never happened.  The only sale I have recorded happened on eBay in 2016 when an example sold for $250.  Frame is worth $100 so let’s start there.