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29 Wilbur’s X-Ray Liniment Poster

Very scarce lithographed poster from the Wilbur Stock Food Company of Milwaukee.  I can find only one previous offering of this poster.  The image is of a horse having his shoulder treated with the liniment.  The word x-ray is printed in the beam from an x-ray machine.  This reinforces the penetrating power of this Liniment.  “It Penetrates Every Cord and Tendon.”  “IT WILL PENETRATE ANYTHING EVEN TO THE BONE.”  21”x 14” image size.  It is currently beautifully double matted and framed with an overall size of 28“x 21”.  The colors are as bright and intense as the day it was printed.  The condition is fantastic and looks to be in mint condition, however on VERY close inspection, some old fold lines are evident.  There is nothing that detracts the eye from this beautiful and scarce poster. Based on the selling price of other Wilbur’s posters, I’d estimate this at $1500-3000