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30 Dr. Clayton’s, “Treatise on the Dog”

his is a 28 page booklet on dog diseases and ailments produced by G. W. Clayton of Chicago.  These is no date, but I believe this to be the very first edition of the booklet that was reprinted many times with different covers over the years.  One indication that this is very early, is the fact that he does not use the Dr. prefix before his name anywhere in this booklet.  Also, the back cover states that Clayton was sharing a office with Von Lengerke & Antoine who started a sporting goods business in 1891.  Mr. Clayton sold his dog cures there and was available between 1 and 3 pm daily for free consultations.  Lastly, after collecting veterinary booklet for almost 40 years, this is only the second copy of this booklet that I have seen.  Dr. Jeff Rothman had a copy in his collection that I obtained when he retired from collection.  Until this copy appeared for consignment, I believed my copy was possibly unique and early due to its rarity.  We usually do not but opening bids on paper ephemera, but I believe this booklet should sell in the $100 range and start the bidding at $50.00