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30) International Stock Food Poster #51, “It Will Make Your Sows Raise More Pigs”

This is the second recorded offering of this large format poster showing a farmer feeding his pigs from a bucket of International Stock Food (ISF).  He is holding some type of wooden Billy Club.  Horses and cows can be seen in the background.  The poster is very colorful and bright and has a great farm scene with many animals.  The testimonial that was the impetus for this poster was from a farmer who’s three sows raised 52 piglets, all while eating ISF every day.  28”x 21”.  The condition flaws are limited to old fold lines, some margin tears.  A few areas where the folds intersected have been supported on the reverse with archival tape.  It has wide margins, great color, interesting imagery, large size, and scarcity that make this an above average poster.