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30 International Stock Foods Poster 14 Worm Powder

Large style poster that is currently very nicely framed and double matted.  The image size is 28”x 21” and the overall size is 38”x 31”.  As for condition issues, there is a tiny paper loss in the lower right corner testimonial.  The poster was obviously matted very close to the poster’s edge as a small portion of the right edge has worked its way out over the years and has caused a little waviness to the paper in the area.  This IS NOT DAMAGE, but it would look better it this was smoothed out or if the poster was archivally mounted on linen.  Those are the only criticisms I can come up with.  The image here is obviously a sick horse filled with worms.  He is leaning of a box of International Worm Powder, which should fix him right up.  The cut away illustration of his abdomen shows his stomach and intestines filled with bots and worms.  The red and black background is also filled with worms. There are long worms holding up the caption and banner across the bottom.  The colors are immaculate.  There are two variations of this poster and at least two sizes.  I sold a slightly smaller example with the same imagery in 2016 for $3200.  The opening bid will be $1000.  Shipping cost could be several $$$.  Pick up or delivery could be arranged.