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#32 Spratt’s “THE FOOD OF CHAMPIONS” 3-D Display

Outstanding, three-dimensional display of a full-bodied Cocker Spaniel Champion, “Tracey Witch of Ware.” Tracey won over 25 Best in Show awards in her career and was “FED EXCLUSIVELY ON SPRATT’S.” 16 ½”x 14”x 6 ½”. The base is wood. One side has a celluloid panel, that has all of Tracey’s accomplishments printed. The other three sides have advertisements for Spratt’s products. Tracey herself is hollow and seems to have been made from a wood composite material. It does not appear to be Paper Mache, as she is very sturdy. The body is attached to the base with two wooden pegs from the feet. Her black paint shows some minor wear as you can see but no major damage. It appears to me that this wonderful display sat on a store counter for many years and Tracey got her share of pats and pets over the years. I say this because her snout, top of her head, and the top of her back have a smoothness that comes with thousands of loving strokes, over years. Just like you see on public statues that have been rubbed in a certain spot. Her paint in these areas is not gone, just dulled from all the attention. c1950, so approximately 70 Years old. This is a really cool display that pictures will not do justice too. It is WAY MORE impressive in person.