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33) Dr. LeGear’s Traveling Salesman’s Display Kit

Suitcase size traveling display kit used for the promotion and selling of Dr. LeGear’s medicines.  20”x 11”x 7”.  The interior has two compartments in the lid for paperwork and order forms.  The bottom section has ten delineated sections for the placement of medicine bottles and canisters.  Included in the kit are five (5) mock-ups of Dr. LeGear‘s medicine boxes.  These are 6 ½” tall fake boxes to show a potential customer what the product packaging will look like.  Those are:  HOG PRESCRIPTION, COW PRESCRIPTION, STOCK POWDER, POULTRY PRESCRIPTION, AND POULTRY ASCARID WORM POWDER.  Also included is a small cardboard sign for Garden Insecticide.  Several pamphlets and salesmen’s paperwork are included also.  Most of these paper items are dated 1939.  While no medicines are included, it would be fairly easy and inexpensive to procure bottled and canister examples to fill out this case to the original display condition.  The outstanding part is the survival of these wonderful box mock-ups which helps tell the story of a patent medicine salesmen’s sales technique.  Possibly, a one of a kind opportunity.  What a great display this would make.