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#33 Wilbur’s Horse & Cattle Food Sign

Outstanding, canvas, dealer sign for Wilbur’s Horse & Cattle Food. The colorful and extremely detailed illustration at the left end is of a package of their food. The company name on the package is the Wilbur Seed Meal Company indicating that this sign can be dated to pre-1900, as the company changed their name to the Wilbur Stock Food Company in 1900. The sign was made by the Globe Sign Company or Akron, Ohio. The coloring of the letters is as vibrant as the day it was produced, 120 years ago.This impressive sign is 50”x 13” and framed in a plain black frame. There is light staining scattered over the canvas which does not really detract due the wonderful paint on the letters. Also, the package at the left end is not affected by any stains. Possibly a unique sign as I have never seen or heard of another. Impossible to estimate a value but surely $1000+. Sold without reserve. See close up photo of package on the website.