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34 Pratt’s Animal & Poultry Regulators & Veterinary Remedies Live Stock Poster

Beautiful, LARGE, color lithographed poster, dated 1906, produced by the Pratt Food Company of Philadelphia.  The poster details the various breeds of cattle, sheep, and hogs with color illustrations.  The Jersey Cow has the place of honor in the center of the poster. Expanding from the center are the various breeds of cattle, followed by the breeds of hogs and finally the sheep breeds are lined up on both ends.  Surrounding the animal illustrations to make the poster appear framed is a faux wooden frame.  The poster is beautifully framed and double matted.  The condition of the poster is outstanding with just one short tear in the right edge.  The poster is clean, and the colors are bright and bold.  The image size is 28”x 20” with an overall size with the frame and double mat of 39”x 32” and is very impressive to view first hand.  This is an extremely scarce poster with highly desirable imagery.  Only the third example ever offered.  The last sold for $825.  Open the bidding at just $300.  I can tell you that the frame cost more than the opening bid.  Note:  There is some reflection in the glass in the catalog photo.