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36 B. B. Veterinary Liniment

Bottle with paper label from BB Veterinary Remedies of Reading, Pennsylvania.  Produced by a local druggist named B. S. Bergey.  7 ¼”x 2 ½”x 1 ½”.  Never seen another medicine from this company, so this one is unique so far.  Paper label extend to three sides and has a little damage to the sides.  Front is excellent.  Labeled to Cure lameness in horses, but has the 1906 Drug Act disclaimer which prevents the use of the word cure in advertising.  I guess Bergey didn’t get the memo.  The logo is the PA. Keystone in red with white print.  Previously unreported veterinary remedy company.  This was purchased by the consigner in VCR auction March 2009.  No other example from this company have surfaced since that time.