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40 Wilbur’s Gas Colic Cure Poster

Very desirable poster from the Wilbur Stock Food Company of Milwaukee. The illustration, which is very detailed, shows a horseman administering a drench of Wilbur’s Colic Cure to a horse.  The horseman is standing on a wooden crate of Wilbur’s White Rock Hoof Packing. 21”x 14” image size.  It is currently nicely framed and double matted and ready to hang.  The colors are exceptionally strong, especially the red.  There is some edge damage along the right edge which consists of paper loss in the border, which does not reach the red.  Below that, there is a light damp stain that again does not reach the illustration.  Finally, near the bottom right edge there is another light stain with a tiny paper loss.  There are some very, very light creases that can be seen with very close inspection.  The color and graphics really pop on this poster and, I feel, overwhelm any condition issues.  Based on the sales of previous Wilbur posters, I’d expect an estimate in the $2000-3500 range if the poster was in mint condition.  The condition issues will affect the final price, but I would still expect a final bid over $1000.  Sold without reserve.