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41 Wilbur’s Stock Food Stenciled Store Bid

Wooden store bin, stenciled on all four sides and the original lid from the Wilbur Stock Food Company of Milwaukee.  17”x 17”x 35”.  Each side has a different Wilbur’s product advertised.  You have White Rock Hoof Packing, Hog Food, Poultry Food, and Wilbur’s Food for Horses and Cattle.  There is some wear to the stenciling on all four sides, but over 90% is legible.  The Hog and Poultry sides are the most complete, while the Wilbur’s horse side is the most damaged.  PLEASE SEE PHOTOS OF ALL FOUR SIDES ON THE WEBSITE. I CAN SUPPLY ADDITIONAL PHOTOS IF NEEDED. The bin has its original top that is also stenciled, but it has taken the most wear and is largely illegible.  The bottom feet have been cut down slightly.  This is great size bin that is complete with lid, which is often missing.  Pick up or delivery is recommended, but it can be shipped.