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42 Pike's Solus Veterinary Medicines Wooden Display Cabinet

It is rare these days to be able to document a previously unreported Veterinary Company and their CABINET, but we can do that today.  Investigation has revealed that Henry L. Pike was located at 70 Commercial Street in Boston, c1906.  He advertised his veterinary medicines as Pike’s Solus Hoof Oil and Pike’s Solus Thrush Cure.  “SOLUS” in Latin means alone or unaccompanied.  So, my guess is Mr. Pike meant to suggest that his veterinary remedies were all that was needed to cure your horse or cow’s ailment.  It could be used alone, so to speak.  Today, we offer a wall mounted, wooden display cabinet stenciled in black, PIKE’S SOLUS VETERINARY MEDICINES.  The cabinet appears to be totally original with the original lock, but no key.  21”x 17”x 5 ½”.  I have never seen or recorded a Pike’s Solus medicine, perhaps his target customer, that read Latin, was too small to sustain the company?  Whatever the cause of his failure, we are left with an original, possibly unique, artifact of his company.  This should appeal to veterinary collectors who specialize in cabinets, as well and collectors of the unique and unusual.  As a guess, I would estimate this cabinet as North of $1000, but we will open it a $300 and see where it ends.  It will sell to the high bidder.